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Squiggles Childcare


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Sevenoaks, Kent


Nursery school website.

We have really enjoyed working with Squiggles Childcare in solving their digital problems.

The heart of the issues were the split between the two core focuses of the site. Firstly it is an advertisement for potential customers, secondly it is an information hub for current customers.

Prospective Customers.

Our research led us to profile the habits of people browsing for a nursery for their child(ren), a really big decision for any parent.

A majority of browsing was by women and done in the evening, primarily using portable devices (mobile & tablet). The typical way that interested parties would then act was to shortlist their preferred childcare providers and call the next day to arrange a visit. Often this then required our parent to then check with their husband/wife/partner for their availability.

We wanted to cut through all of this and allow the prospective customer to book a day and time that suits them, right at the peak of their interest. Our client can set blocks of dates and times in their CMS system which are displayed in an online visit booking calendar, once a prospective parent books a slot it is then removed so no double bookings occur. This application become the site's central call-to-action and is the primary metric we will measure the site's success against.

Current Customers

We circulated a carefully constructed questionnaire to current customers, asking for feedback and we were delighted with the number of responses and insight they brought.

Top of the wish list was a secure and password protected area of the website for current parents to look at specific news stories relating to their child's room in the nursery, view menus etc. We incorporated this area and are looking forward to seeing it become the central information hub for the nursery's customers.

Cross-over solutions

The nursery really is a stunning environment and that was what we wanted to portray to all the website's visitors.

This was in part achieved by a relaxed design which, in turn, allows generous room for stunning photography of the nursery's children going about their day.

We used targeted user testing to ensure our design was delivering on the metrics and goals we set out, we did this at several stages of the project build to make sure we were staying on track.

An example of the user testing commissioned before the website was released

Future developments

We will be keeping an eye on all the data rolling in to ensure we are maximising the potential of our client's brand.

Website screens


Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

Website screens

Website screen shot of Squiggles Chilcare's website

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