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5 podcasts for web designers (2015)

One way we keep up with the latest news and techniques in web design & development

Kris Jeary

Published: 23rd September 2015

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One of the most important activities for any digital designer is keeping up with the latest technology and research.

For me this involves an extensive reading list but I also use my walking time to and from the office to keep up to date through some awesome podcasts. This is an updated list based on a previous article, written way back in January 2014

1.  Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business Podcast

This was always a good podcast, it is now a great podcast thanks to the new format. Andy Clarke hosts with two invited guests for a deep dive chat about a set topic. There's still waffle and chat about Dr Who and apes which gives the show its extra shot of personality.


2.  Boagworld

Boagworld Podcast

The grandaddy of web design podcasts but still as fresh and insightful as ever. Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington host with carefully chosen guests to discuss the topic of the show.


3.  Pencil vs Pixel

Pencil vs Pixel Podcast

A podcast which I got into late, which was great as I had a big back catalogue to work through. I admire host Cesar Contreras' interview manner, very laid back and allows his guests to fully express themselves.


4.  On The Grid

On The Grid Podcast

The only survivor from last year's list; presented by three very knowledgeable hosts (Matt McInerney, Dan Auer & Andy Mangold) and covering latest news and reactions from within the industry. The reason this podcast impresses me so much is the maturity of the show, not only are the technical issues covered but some of the best episodes features discussion on social responsibility and ways that tech influences society.


5.  Let's Talk Design

Let's Talk Design

The annoyingly talented Dan Edwards host this video podcast series, centred around viewer questions. Dan answers wonderfully, never patronising and produces this beautifully crafted show.


5½.  One Design

One Design Podcast

How could I not plug my own podcast? I have a unscripted chat with my co-hosts Andrew Fairlie and Bridget Tann, occassional guests and plenty of waffle about being a designer in a digital world.


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