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5 podcasts for web designers

One way we keep up with the latest news and techniques in web design & development

Kris Jeary

Published: 10th January 2014

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One of the most important activities for any digital designer is keeping up with the latest technology and research.

For me this involves an extensive reading list but I also use my walking time to and from the office to keep up to date through some awesome podcasts. Here are my recommendations :

1.  On The Grid

On The Grid Podcast

Presented by three very knowledgeable hosts (Matt McInerney, Dan Auer & Andy Mangold) and covering latest news and reactions from within the industry. The reason this podcast impresses me so much is the maturity of the show, not only are the technical issues covered but some of the best episodes features discussion on social responsibility and ways that tech influences society.


2.  The Freelance Web

The Freelance Web Podcast

Hosted by Sean Johnson and Liz Elcoate and despite being geared towards freelance web designers there is more than enough in the show for us smaller studios. It is not focused on the technical side but instead it highlights the business aspects of being a designer and trying to pay the bills. It is always warm, friendly and honest, you feel you are on a journey with these guys. Never preaching but really gets you thinking.


3.  99% Invisible

99% Invisible Podcast

Roman Mars hosts a beautifully produced show and encourages you to open your eyes to the beauty of design that is all around you. It isn't a web design show, it is more holistic than that but it is inspiring and often quite moving.


4.  Shop Talk

Shop Talk Podcast

Hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert, Shop Talk is technically focussed discussing and evaluating different approaches and techniques for front end designers and developers.


5.  Let's Make Mistakes

Let's Make Mistakes Podcast

Mike Monteiro (of Mule Design fame) and Jessie Char host the show that sometimes discusses the web but it really is the tangents that make it... Mike's social commentary is worth a listen on its own. Thought provoking and passionate, Mike's delivery is perfectly balanced by Jessie's insight and enthusiasm.


You want more?

I would also recommend trying The Back to Front Show, Beyond Ink and Happy Monday. They all very nearly made the top 5.

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