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British Wireless for the Blind Fund


Layout design, content architecture, bespoke CMS

Client location
Maidstone, Kent


Charity website.

The British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) are one of our oldest clients, we built their last website around 7 years ago (before smart phones and responsive web design) so it was overdue a redesign.

In order to avoid lazy assumptions based on our long-term relationship with BWBF we treated them as a completely new client and set about interviewing the key stakeholders on the project, this is where we hit our first snag. As is often the case with larger organisations, every person had differing views about what was important and how the success of the site could be judged, we needed to cut through this so we listed everything mentioned and then gave everyone the list along with 100 points to spend, this needed to be shared amongst the various key goals, this exercise helped clarify the project in both our client’s mind and ours!

Now we had a clear set of goals we set about constructing this vast website whilst concurrently working on their bespoke CMS.

The colour scheme and type choices served the existing guidelines as well being of good contrast for accessibility.

As with all our websites (but even more importantly here) it is fully accessible to those with visual impairments.

Website screens

Website screen shot

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