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Stainless steel manufacturer's website.

Component Developments have designed, manufactured and supplied stainless steel products to the construction industry for over 30 years. They approached us to redesign their website as part of a larger rebrand of the company. The aim was to increase awareness of their full product range and appeal to a wider audience - without alienating the loyal clients they had established over the years.

Our first step was to understand our client and their market. We started with in depth stakeholder interviews and followed those with a tour of their factory in Telford, we can only design working solutions once we truly understand the problems, it is these that lead to opportunities.

The biggest issue (and in this case the best opportunity for growth) was that Component Developments are known widely for their drainage products but this line alone is only a slice of what they offer, we needed to build on this. Understanding that initial visits to the website would be looking for this product range gave us the chance to lead visitors to this information and at the same time reveal other product lines.

Our full research effort revealed content architecture was the key.

Introducing case studies created an excellent opportunity to showcase all that Component Developments could provide for different sectors and became a key strategy in creating a seamless user journey, it is this subtlety which has seen an increase in interest and conversions.

We monitor the website on an ongoing basis. This prompts discussions with our client of actions we could take to continually improve performance, which in turn is monitored for effectiveness. Small iterations, thoroughly evaluated and built upon is what we do at Squiders.

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Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

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