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Crusader Packaging


Layout design, content architecture

Client location
Sittingbourne, Kent


New website for Sittingbourne based packaging company.

The aim of the new site for Crusader Packaging was simplicity; we needed to show their expertise in creating bespoke solutions for their customers’ packaging requirements.

The route opted for was to focus around case studies, show how they have overcome tricky assignments in the past. From each case study we can link to the service or product type employed to meet the challenge. At the time of writing we only have a single case study available, but I’m assured more are on the way!

In terms of aesthetic directions, we wanted to push minimalism (a great aid to simplicity), this meant every image and block of text had to justify its existence, if it could not it was out.

The final result is a clean and easy to use site, which has been very favourably commented on, which is marching up the search engine results.

Website screens


Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

Website screens

Website screen shot of Crusader Packaging's website

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