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JF Automotive


Layout design, content architecture, Professional photoshoot, WordPress CMS, API integration, Payment system

Client location
Maidstone, Kent


Information and transactional website for car tuning and remapping company.

We have been working with JF Automotive over the last few months to completely revolutionise their website and services offering. We have always been great proponents of “If a task is dull and repetitive we can automate it”, and that’s what the goal was for much of the site.

From the public side of the site the call to action is a two step approach. Firstly we ask visitors to enter the registration number, this allows us to filter the services available to the vehicle in question. After this is done (and we have shown the tailored performance gains for each service) the second part is to complete the enquiry form, at this stage we know the exact make and model of the vehicle so much less back and forth with the potential customer.

JF Automotive also supply remapping files to dealers around the world, before our work this consisted of emailing files and raising invoices to dealers, a task ripe for automation. We created a backend system which allowed registered dealers to purchase credits, submit remapping files and receive the remapped file back via a central hub, all information in one place and trackable so we can monitor effectiveness.

The aesthetics of the site follows our guiding principle of ease and simplicity for the visitor. A professional photoshoot gave us the images of the team at work, this aids familiarity and follows the mantra “people buy from people”. They also showed a variety of vehicles as it was vitally important that visitors understood the service were not just for supercars.

The navigation elements were limited with sub pages revealed into the user journey, this stopped first time visitors being overwhelmed with options and allows us to better control the content and information they receive and at what stage.

We have more work to come as we look at introducing a customer focussed online shop, again we’ll be able to show products applicable to the individual vehicle.

Website screens


Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

Website screens

Website screen shot of JF Automotive's website

Site update

Here is the data for 4 months of the new site running.

User interaction

VariableOld site
01/03/2017 > 31/07/2017
New site
01/08/2017 > 01/01/2018
Sessions6,4927,192↑ 700
Users4,5794,904↑ 325
Bounce rate52.8%39.03%↓ 13.77
Conversion rate1.9%12.2%↑ 10.3%

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Keywords in top 10
Keywords in top 10
817↑ 9

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