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Kent School of English


Layout design, content architecture, photography

Client location
Broadstairs, Kent


Website for english language courses provider.

We were approached by KSE to work with them to fully realise their online opportunities. Content architecture really was the initial primary focus, KSE do so much and are (rightly) proud of this but organising the vast amount of information and creating real user journeys was a big challenge.

As is often the case, our fresh set of eyes posed quite a few questions and challenged assumptions. After stakeholder interviews and our company research, we settled on 4 main categories for the courses:

Within each category we list the courses specifics as well as local area, accommodation and social activities.

Once we had firmed up the scale and scope we constructed basic wireframes, the skeleton of the design, which illustrated how the site would work and function across devices.

With the wireframe work done we needed to add the meat to the bones and a day of photography followed. We wanted to get the visitor inside the buildings and the beautiful location, we wanted to make them feel like they were already there. For the young people section we wanted to inspire this group and also make their parents jealous of the wonderful time their child would have whilst they are improving their english skills.

From here appropriate typography choices were made to work in harmony with the message and content layout and the colour palette set to work in harmony with the brand guidelines and published materials.

Website screens

We are unable to show a live preview of this site as it isn't currently running on secure SSL, please use the link above to visit the site.

Website screen shot

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