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Maidstone, Kent


eCommerce website leak detection product.

We are delighted to have been working with LeakSafe during their rapid rise in their market.

After setting up their start up website several years ago, we needed a refresh as priorities and target markets had shifted.

In this iteration we knew the right move was to focus on the benefits, not the problems. We didn’t want to show the horrific scenes that can occur from water damage, instead we wanted to show the comfort in knowing you have prevented such things, not shock and awe, just sensible planning and household management.

The main change is that many of LeakSafe’s customers are advised by their insurance companies to install their products, often this is a condition of the insurance so we move from the hard sell to providing the information required to help homeowners achieve these conditions.

The other target market was the insurers themselves so the tone of the site shifts into more of a sales pitch with the benefits front and centre.

We used stock photography for the site but were pleased with what we found, a great balance of reassurance amongst the data.

Website screens


Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

Website screens

Website screen shot of Leaksafe's website

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