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My Tipi Event


Layout design, content architecture

Client location
Medway, Kent


Brochure website for tipi hire.

I’m going to start by talking about the site architecture, this is always planned before we start looking at more aesthetic decisions.

We want to quickly give an overview of the magic of a tipi event before helping visitors find the tipi package that is right for an event. You’ll see a form on each landing page asking a few top level questions to narrow the choice. Once our visitor has narrowed down the various options, we present a form where they will give a few contact details in order to get a bespoke quote.

Once we had this journey understood we could then move on to layout. Working with our amazingly enthusiastic clients various style directions were made and (as you can see) a move away from the fashionable flat direction and creating a site with feeling and texture, using a tipi for an event is a statement of personality and the website needed to reflect that, I’ll admit to some challenges working on a more skeuomorphic design but really pleased with the effort and results of our labours.

The biggest challenge initially was working with the limited photography but we have created a flexible site that can evolve as new media (photography and video) becomes available.

We are now actively monitoring results and tweaking the flow of visitors through the website and look forward to working with Darren and Mark to help them make the most of the digital frontier.

Website screens

We are unable to show a live preview of this site as it isn't currently running on secure SSL, please use the link above to visit the site.

Website screen shot of My Tipi Event's website


As a new company venturing out into the world wide web, we were fortunate enough to find Kris and his team to launch our web site. Kris's enthusiasm, attention to detail and personal service made the experience of designing an almost seamless process. The finished product was absolutely outstanding. Thank you

- Darren Smith

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