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Maidstone, Kent


Print company website.

Speedscreen were running a very old site and had neglected their shop window for some time, we were hired to put it right and add real (and measureable) value to their business.

The biggest issue the company faces is most of their work is through intermediaries which unfortunately means a bulk of the high quality work they produce (for big global companies) can not appear on their portfolio. The company wanted to keep this core business but expand by reaching out direct to end clients.

The solution we found was to commission video to represent the process and the amazing machinery they use. The home page features the printing of a Scrabble board and lettering using a variety of machines and techniques, this was a great idea from our client and demonstrates the best work is produced when everyone brings their skills to the table.

The site aesthetics are inline with company branding and centred around the CMYK colour model. The spacing allowed for each page element makes a bright, modern but well paced visual environment.

The finished site is responsive, cross-browser compatible and a bespoke CMS system allows Speedscreen the control to add and amend content as required.

Website screens

We are unable to show a live preview of this site as it isn't currently running on secure SSL, please use the link above to visit the site.

Website screen shot

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