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eCommerce website for gourmet food.

I have never felt so hungry designing a website. The biggest challenge of any eCommerce website is the removal of all but one of the senses. When you make a purchase in a physical shop you can see, feel, smell and even taste (samples of course), this is reduced to just sight for digital shops. Thankfully our client understood the importance of this and committed to the highest quality photography.

If we have a house-style then it is surely minimalism, we needed to let the photography and the stories behind the products shine. We did this using generous whitespace and classic typeface choices, agonising over line-heights as much as any other element. Minimalism is a great love of mine but the challenge is in the execution, everything most be pixel perfect for it to work and to work across devices.

The rest is content architecture, gradually and subtly revealing other products and offering multiple paths to the same content, we don’t want visitors relying on a main navigation, we want to engineer some intelligence into the journey, prompting further discovery at the end of each task.

I am delighted and very proud of the completed design and development work and, most importantly, so is my client. Now we monitor, track patterns and use data to gradually refine and amend, that’s where we start adding additional value.

Website screens


Toggle between desktop and mobile layouts. Of course these are responsive web pages, not just two sizes. Visit the website to see it in its full glory.

Website screens

Website screen shot of Urban Truffle's website


I would recommend Squiders in a heartbeat. They have created a website for us that blows our competition out of the water.

Kris, Jo & Kat are all super clever and lovely to deal with. They mentioned to me from the outset that they are quite expensive, but considering the quality of product that they have produced, they are actually pretty cheap! (but let’s keep that to ourselves).

Already lining up website number 2.

Massive thank you to an awesome company..!

- Jonathan James Thurkettle

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