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It’s about setting the right tone

Your users are individuals so we make sure your website is speaking to them in a way they understand. This is why every website we create is unique to its owner and translates the details that capture exactly what your business is about.

Getting to know your business personally

We start by asking questions, lots of them. We want to get to know how you work and what your customers want to identify opportunities and any pain points your site is currently suffering.

These facts help to create metrics of success that we will measure throughout the project. To validate this from the perspective of your users, we hit the books (or the web more often).

Research underpins everything we do: from helping to profile your customers to data usage on screen interactions, we don’t use guesswork.

Designs that are more than aesthetics

Our design process begins with your user. We walk in their shoes and follow how they will flow through your site. Our first iterations don’t focus on aesthetics, but use content architecture to show how your users will navigate from page to page.

Once we’re certain on this crucial element, we bring the design to life with colour, imagery, text and typography. We validate our design decisions with user testing to make sure this vision aligns with how they will use the site.

We find subjects that match your customers’ profiles and set scenarios for them to complete.

We then watch the results to check our assumptions and make amendments based on feedback.

An example of our early user testing

Going live isn’t the end

Once we’ve put the final polish on your site, we focus our attention on monitoring how it performs.

A real visitor, really using the website - please note that pauses (where the visitor is reading) are skipped and I stop the recording before the visitor enters their details.

We assess your data over the days, weeks and months that follow to find new ways to refine the work we’ve done. This could involve tracking exactly how your users navigate the site to see patterns emerging, down to changing the size of font in certain areas.

We make sure the conversation doesn’t end, allowing your site to evolve naturally in response to these changes. This is how you work smartly: no more guessing, just impartial data and research to guide our hand.

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